Global Roundtable Discussion – Cybersecurity & Data Protection

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December 13
11:00 am PST
4 hours
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Theme: Navigating the Cyber Frontier in the AI-Powered Metaverse

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In the rapidly evolving AI-powered metaverse, cybersecurity has ascended to the forefront of global concerns, intertwining national security and the virtual realms in unprecedented ways. With the rise of AI-based cyberattacks, the threats to the metaverse are no longer just digital; they have the potential to reverberate across societies, impacting human lives, economic stability, and national peace. Threat intelligence plays a critical role in understanding and countering these emerging threats, bridging the gap between the virtual and the real, and offering solutions to protect both.

The potential repercussions of unchecked threats in the Metaverse range from data breaches to emerging warfare tactics, making a comprehensive incident response strategy not just advantageous, but essential. Safeguarding the integrity and privacy of the Metaverse citizens requires robust data protection mechanisms, ensuring that as we advance further into this digital realm, we are armed with the awareness and readiness to safeguard ourselves at the cyber frontier. As we navigate this cyber frontier, the onus is on global communities, industry leaders, and policymakers to collaborate, innovating responsibly to protect both individuals and societies at large.

This roundtable is set to be a convergence of diverse insights, all focused on the multifaceted challenges and possibilities of cybersecurity in the AI-powered metaverse. Together, we aspire to define strategies and blueprints that ensure every individual thrives in the digital realm, with their rights, safety, and data integrity upheld as paramount.

Key Objectives

  • Identify and understand the evolving spectrum of cyber threats in the AI-powered Metaverse.
  • Formulate approaches to develop dynamic, responsive data protection and privacy frameworks for Immersive digital environments.
  • Develop collaborative resilience strategies for securing Emerging technologies.

Key Stakeholders

  • Cybersecurity experts and professionals
  • Data protection officers and privacy advocates
  • Technology developers and researchers
  • Corporate executives and business leaders in technology sectors
  • Legal professionals, government officials, regulators, and policymakers in technology
  • Academics and students in cybersecurity and information technology fields
  • Technology enthusiasts and early adopters interested in cybersecurity trends
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Overview and Introduction

Kavya Pearlman, Nandita Narla, Alexander White
11:00 am PST
7:00 pm GMT
11:12 am PST
7:12 pm GMT
Welcome remarks by the Opening Speaker

Madan Oberoi
11:12 am PST
7:12 pm GMT
11:22 am PST
7:22 pm GMT
Key Contributor Statements/Interventions (5 minutes each)

Alvin Wang Graylin, Jameson Spivack, Josefina Román Vergara, Mohamed Khamis, Peter Price
11:22 am PST
7:22 pm GMT
11:37 am PST
7:37 pm GMT
~ 5 Minutes Break – 11:37 am PST to 11:42 am PST | 7:37 pm GMT to 7:42 pm GMT

Thematic Discussion and SWARM Intelligence Gathering on Threat Landscape in the AI-Enabled Metaverse: Identifying Risks and Vulnerabilities

This discussion delves into the complexities of the threat landscape within the AI-powered metaverse. As the boundaries between virtual and physical realities blur, the spectrum of cyber threats expands, encompassing traditional digital risks and novel AI-driven vulnerabilities. This discussion aims to dissect the nature of these emerging threats, highlighting how AI can be both a tool and a target in the metaverse. Participants will explore the intricate web of risks, including data breaches, AI-based attacks, and new forms of cybercrime, emphasizing their potential to disrupt not just the virtual domain but also the tangible world. The objective is to create a comprehensive overview of the current and foreseeable threats, paving the way for more effective threat intelligence and risk management strategies in the metaverse.

Jordan Wiseman, David Baltaxe, Philipp Amann
11:42 am PST
7:42 pm GMT
12:47 pm PST
8:47 pm GMT
~ 20 Minutes Break – 12:47 pm PST to 1:07 pm PST | 8:47 pm GMT to 9:07 pm GMT

Thematic Discussion and SWARM Intelligence Gathering on Fostering Resilience: Data Protection and Response Strategies in the Metaverse

This discussion addresses the critical need for robust data protection and incident response strategies within the AI-powered metaverse. With the increasing integration of AI and immersive technologies, safeguarding user data and privacy becomes a paramount concern. The discussion will focus on developing comprehensive frameworks for data protection that are adaptable to the dynamic nature of the metaverse. Experts will share insights on crafting effective incident response protocols to manage and mitigate the impact of cyber incidents. The goal is to foster a collaborative approach among industry leaders, policymakers, and the global community to establish resilient cybersecurity measures. These measures should not only defend against current threats but also anticipate future challenges, ensuring a secure and trustworthy metaverse environment for all users.

Kavya Pearlman, David Baltaxe
1:07 pm PST
9:07 pm GMT
2:08 pm PST
10:08 pm GMT
Concluding Remarks & Adjourn

Kavya Pearlman, Alexander White
2:08 pm PST
10:08 pm GMT
2:20 pm PST
10:20 pm GMT

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Kavya Pearlman (512)
Founder and CEO
X Reality Safety Intelligence (XRSI)
Nandita Narla (2117)
Strategic Privacy Advisor
Philipp Amann (1900)
Head of Strategy
European Cybercrime Centre, Europol
Alvin Wang Graylin (1725)
China President, HTC Global VP of Corp. Dev., HTC
Peter Price (1678)
Noble Ackerson (1698)
XRSI Advisor | President
XRSI | CyberXR Coalition
Dennis “Fox” Bonilla (2016)
Chief Technology Officer
Baltu Technologies Inc
Tamas Henning (1932)
XRSI Advisor | Senior Director, Security Engineering
XRSI | Circle
Mohamed Khamis (511)
XRSI Advisor | Associate Professor
XRSI | University of Glasgow
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