Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: As an Active Contributor, how can I contribute to multiple days of the event?

A: With approval from the Programming Committee you can, at most, contribute to 2 days. Kindly select your Primary and Secondary choice from the dropdown below.

Q: I want to attend all the days of the event. Is there a way to do this?

A: Yes, you can attend all days of the event. Whether you want to join as an active contributor or an observer, we will share the all 5 days roundtable Zoom links with all the registered participants.

Q: I am an Active Contributor to a Roundtable. What if I am not available on the day of the event? How can I still contribute?

A: Yes, you can still contribute by submitting your contribution via a recorded video. Please reach out to the Speaker liaison team at, and they will connect you with the respective team to accommodate your request.

Q: I prefer to remain private; how can I still contribute to the event?

A: No. Your privacy is important to us, but we can’t send out event joining instructions unless we have your contact details.

Q: I’m only interested in contributing to the post-roundtable report. What are the steps for this?

A: To contribute solely to the post-roundtable report, you can please please fill this Roundtable Interest Form. Under Role, select “Requesting to be Active Contributor”, and then submit the document and files you want to share for inclusion in the roundtable report. Our programming committee will review these document and upon approval we shall include them

Q: My organization is interested in partnering for the event. What should we do?

A: We welcome organizational partnerships! To explore this opportunity, there are 2 ways in which organizations can participate, 1. Become a sponsor by submitting your proposal here. 2. Become a community partner by submitting an application here.

Q: As an active contributor, what preparatory materials will be provided ahead of the roundtable discussions?

A: All Active contributors will receive the final agenda and roundtable objectives by 20th November 2023. You are encouraged to select a topic and prepare a 5-minute speech to share your insights and concerns during your allocated slot time.

Q: Will there be a rehearsal or orientation session before the roundtable event?

A: No. There will be no orientation session to prepare for the roundtable. Instead, the chairs/co-chairs will coordinate each speaking contributor for organizing and alignment. Instead, we plan to share an active contributors/speakers briefing document for the session walkthrough.

Q: How will my contributions during the roundtable be recorded or used?

A: Contributions will be recorded on Zoom and used in post-roundtable report curation. After the campaign, We will also share all the Zoom sessions with the public on the XRSI YouTube channel.

Q: Are there specific guidelines or protocols for the roundtable discussions that I should be aware of?

A: Yes. We will prepare a set of guidelines for both active contributors and passive observers, including general joining details, roundtable participation information, etc.

Q: In case of technical issues during the event, whom should I contact?

A: If you are an active contributor or an observer, should you encounter any technical difficulties, please reach out to our Events Director, Bhanujeet Choudhary, at

Q: Can I propose topics or active contributors/speakers for the roundtable discussions?

A: While you cannot suggest a topic, we do welcome suggestions for active contributors/speakers. Please ask them to submit their application by filling out this Roundtable Interest Form.

Q: What follow-up actions will be taken after the roundtable discussions?

A: Post-event, we plan to publish an open roundtable report for each day that will host all the roundtable discussions, individual contributions and suggestions by participants. The report will include insights and data from SwarmAI sessions as well.

Q: How can I interact with other active contributors/speakers before the event?

A: Everyone is free to connect with fellow contributors as needed. Once we finalize all the active contributors/speakers for a specific track, we will introduce them all via an email as well.

Q: I have some other questions and would like to get in touch

5A: If you still have questions, then please email them to us at

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