About Metaverse Safety Week

– Kavya Pearlman, Founder & CEO – XRSI

The Metaverse Safety Week (MSW) is an annual awareness campaign created by the XRSI – X Reality Safety Intelligence (XRSI) to promote a safe and positive experience within immersive environments. As the Metaverse evolves, the associated risks and hazards continue to grow. The risks range from physical harm to human beings, cyberbullying, financial fraud, intellectual property rights violations, and exposure to inappropriate or illegal content.

The primary goal of the MSW campaign is to educate and raise awareness about the importance of building safe experiences and promoting responsible behavior within the Metaverse. Another goal is to encourage the development of policy, best practices, and guidelines for safeguarding the Metaverse. The MSW campaign can achieve this through a range of activities and events, such as webinars, educational resources, virtual events, and social media campaigns. 

There is an urgent need to address the risks associated with the Metaverse proactively and to reduce harm to humans, societies, and ecosystems. By coming together to build awareness and safeguards, the stakeholders can promote a culture of safety, certainty, and trust within immersive environments. The MSW campaign aims to create a safe and positive experience for global citizens, including children and vulnerable populations.

The MSW campaign invites stakeholders to adopt the campaign and to collaborate in promoting the importance of safeguarding the Metaverse. The campaign recognizes that this is a shared responsibility that requires the participation of all stakeholders, including individuals, platform providers, creators, educators, policymakers, organizations, and institutions.

– Julie Inman-Grant, eSafety Commissioner, Australia

To make the XRSI programming for MSW more accessible, XRSI will facilitate a unique global discussion via 3-4 hours of roundtable discussions each day of MSW via Zoom events.

This year’s theme is “Exploring the Intersections of AI and Emerging Technologies”, with a unique focus on critical aspects for each day from December 10th to December 15th. 

Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area in the United States and Torino, Italy in Europe, X Reality Safety Intelligence (XRSI) is the world’s leading organization dedicated to providing intelligence and advisory services that are vital for the protection and well-being in emerging technology ecosystems. With a strong emphasis on critical aspects such as safety, privacy, security, human rights, human well-being, responsible innovation, governance, and regulation, XRSI offers comprehensive expertise to ensure the responsible and ethical advancement of emerging technologies.

By placing the emphasis on Human Intelligence, XRSI brings together a global network of experts and thought leaders committed to shaping the future of technology in a way that prioritizes the welfare of individuals and society as a whole. 

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