Metaverse Safety Week 2023: Exploring the Intersection of AI and Emerging Realities

10-15 December 2023

The Metaverse is no longer Sci-Fi.

We are already confronting these Realities.

The Metaverse Safety Week (MSW) is an international community effort, led by the X Reality Safety Intelligence (XRSI), marking its 4th remarkable year of pioneering a collective, global effort.

The journey towards a better Metaverse begins with YOU.


A conference

XRSI’s flagship conference, an annual occasion to meet people and ideas and discuss the main challenges while we move towards the mass adoption of the next iteration of the Internet.

A campaign

A global campaign to raise awareness of the dire need for regulations, standards, and civic action to make sure that safety and human rights are not left behind in this technological change of paradigm.

A community

The opportunity to support XRSI’s activities and the crucial role we all play in driving the responsible adoption of emerging technologies by creating standards and frameworks and raising awareness daily.

Powered by SWARM AI®

Amplifying Collective Intelligence at Metaverse Safety Week 2023

Metaverse Safety Week 2023 is elevating the roundtable experience by integrating Swarm AI® technology from Unanimous AI. This innovative approach combines real-time human insights with AI algorithms, inspired by nature’s swarm intelligence, to amplify collective decision-making.

Participants will engage in a dynamic voting process, contributing to decisions that reflect a more profound collective wisdom.

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MSW 2022 Key Supporters and Partners

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Healthcare Agency Supporter

Human Rights Agency Supporter

Global Policy & Democracy Supporter

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Economic Development Supporters

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