Kohei Kurihara

Kohei Kurihara

Chief Executive Officer
Privacy by Design Lab

I am the Co-founder, Privacy by Design Lab, which is leading data privacy culture and society community. As a not for profit organization originally establish privacy oriented corporate structure program. We collaborate with multi-stakeholders, public affairs, government, companies and civic organizations, and international watchdogs, enhance fundamental privacy culture.

I have spoken at many international conferences such as UNESCO and participated in open-source project as data privacy expert.

Before starting out Privacy by Design Lab, I have been working on blockchain and identity technology at CollaboGate.

Besides on as President of Tokyo Chapter at Government Blockchain Association, developing the community to be consist of diversified talented and sectors. We aim to be a part of blockchain practice with individual empowerment and seek future government establishment.

I have worked with a major Japanese e-commerce company and also have extensive experience with education and non-profit organizations, and with the secretaries of local politicians around creating and developing public policy.

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