Global Roundtable Discussion – Child Safety & Children’s Rights

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December 12
11:00 am PST
3.5 hours
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Theme: Safeguarding the young generation in the AI-augmented worlds

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In the dynamic landscape of AI-augmented worlds, safeguarding our young generation becomes a task of paramount importance. These immersive realms promise transformative learning experiences and vibrant recreational avenues. Yet, they also introduce novel challenges: from the preservation of young digital identities to navigating the often-subtle influences on developing minds.

As the metaverse continues its rapid evolution, the urgency for global collaboration intensifies. Crafting new guardrails, rooted in ethics and fortified by technology, is essential to guide and protect the next generation. More than ever, accountability is not just the responsibility of a select few; it’s a collective duty. From technologists to educators, from policymakers to child rights advocates, each plays a vital role in ensuring that AI serves as an instrument of empowerment and not detriment.

This roundtable serves as a nexus for these crucial discussions. Together, we will explore actionable strategies and collaborative initiatives to ensure that our AI-augmented realities prioritize the safety, dignity, and rights of every child.

Key Objectives

  • Provide an overview of the expanding young audience of Immersive digital environments.
  • Share and discuss practical examples of issues, concerns, and risks for the young audience resulting from the access and use of virtual worlds and emerging tech 
  • Describe real-world short-term solutions and actions to manage the previously described challenges

Key Stakeholders

  • Parents and guardians
  • Educators and school administrators
  • Child psychologists and therapists
  • Youth policy advocates and Technology companies developing products for children
  • Children’s rights organizations
  • Game developers and legislators focusing on focusing on youth audiences
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Overview and Introduction

Valentino Megale, Hlekiwe Kachali
11:00 am PST
7:00 pm GMT
11:12 am PST
7:12 pm GMT
Welcome remarks by the Opening Speaker

Catherine Knibbs
11:12 am PST
7:12 pm GMT
11:22 am PST
7:22 pm GMT
Key Contributor Statements/Interventions (5 minutes each)

Anne Hobson, Dona Fraser, Steven Vosloo, Larry Magid, Patrick Grady, Girard Kelly, Lisa LeVasseur
11:22 am PST
7:22 pm GMT
11:37 am PST
7:37 pm GMT
~ 5 Minutes Break – 11:37 am PST to 11:42 am PST | 7:37 pm GMT to 7:42 pm GMT

Thematic Discussion and SWARM Intelligence Gathering on Emerging Playgrounds: Preventing Harm to Enable Opportunities for Youngsters.

We will address the challenges children encounter as participants and creators in AI-augmented environments. These digital spaces offer immense learning and creative potential but also pose risks, including psychological impacts and exposure to inappropriate content. We’ll focus on the evolving relationship between youngsters and AI agents, considering the potential for dependency and manipulation. Additionally, the role of young creators in these environments will be examined, particularly in how they might be influenced by or contribute to harmful content. Our discussion aims to develop strategies to safeguard young minds, promoting safe, healthy, and creative engagement in these digital playgrounds.

Kavya Pearlman, David Baltaxe, Jessica Stone
11:42 am PST
7:42 pm GMT
12:47 pm PST
8:47 pm GMT
~ 20 Minutes Break – 12:47 pm PST to 1:07 pm PST | 8:47 pm GMT to 9:07 pm GMT

Thematic Discussion and SWARM Intelligence Gathering on Embracing Shared Responsibility: Uniting Parents, Guardians, Big Tech, and Policymakers to Safeguard Children in AI-Augmented Worlds

This discussion explores the ‘shared responsibility’ in safeguarding children in AI-augmented environments. As children increasingly engage with AI-driven platforms, it becomes imperative for parents, guardians, Big Tech, and policymakers to work together to ensure their digital safety. We will discuss how each stakeholder can contribute to this mission, focusing on developing safety protocols, ethical guidelines, and educational initiatives. This collaborative effort aims to create a unified approach to protect and empower children, ensuring their experiences in AI-augmented worlds are not only enriching but also safe and respectful of their rights and needs. The goal is to establish a cohesive strategy that underscores our collective responsibility to foster a secure digital future for the younger generation.

Hlekiwe Kachali, David Baltaxe, Patrick Grady 
1:07 pm PST
9:07 pm GMT
2:08 pm PST
10:08 pm GMT
Concluding Remarks & Adjourn

Valentino Megale, Hlekiwe Kachali
2:08 pm PST
10:08 pm GMT
2:20 pm PST
10:20 pm GMT

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Valentino Megale (508)
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Government of Australia
Sonia Livingstone (1268)
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Julia A Scott (1661)
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