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Metaverse Safety Week is supported by sponsors, partners, and individual contributions. We thank all of them and hope you will join us!

Key Supporters and Partners

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Community Partners for Metaverse Safety Week 2022

What is a Community Partner?

XRSI welcomes non-profit/civic organizations, not-for-profit think tanks, research communities, government agencies, regulators, policymakers, media agencies, open-source communities and efforts, and small startups and groups with the shared mission of helping build safety in the Metaverse as the Community Partners.

Metaverse Safety Week community partners are one of the most important components of successful awareness campaigns. As a community partner, your role is to spread the knowledge with the community through any channels you deem appropriate. 

Instead of a financial contribution, it is equally if not more important to help us expand our reach through social media and grassroots efforts. As a community partner, we ask that you help spread the word about Metaverse Safety Week and share the knowledge being curated and exchanged with various communities you are a part of.

Become a community partner

You can contact us at partner@xrsi.org or fill out the form below. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

Company branding

In this phase, this section is optional.
You will be able to share your company’s logo, branding guidelines, and logo usage consent in the next steps of the Community Partnership process.
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Upload your logo. If possible, share with us a dark and a light version.
By checking this box, you and/or your company grants to the XR Safety Initiative (XRSI) a non-exclusive, royalty free, license to use the Company logo(s) in the Metaverse Safety Week’s advertising, literature and websites solely in connection with the promotion of the event, the speaker, and the related activities.

Partnership Details

As a valued community partner, please answer the following pressing questions, to align with the Metaverse Safety Week agenda

Additional Requests

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