Global Roundtable Discussion – Global Policy & Regulations

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December 14
11:00 am PST
3.5 hours
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Theme: An urgent need for global regulations and governance for AI and emerging technologies

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The proliferation of AI and emerging technologies is rapidly reshaping our digital ecosystems, demanding immediate and coordinated regulatory responses on a global scale. While the marriage of AI with the metaverse and other platforms heralds a new age of innovation, it simultaneously introduces complexities that challenge our existing policy frameworks. These complexities, coupled with the borderless nature of the metaverse, underscore the urgent imperative for international governance that ensures user protection and technological growth in tandem.

As we navigate this uncharted terrain, the call for collective global action resonates stronger than ever. Constructing these new regulatory scaffolds isn’t a solitary endeavor; it mandates a harmonized effort, involving policymakers, technologists, legal experts, and users alike. Every stakeholder plays a pivotal role in drafting a future where AI and related technologies are used responsibly, ethically, and to the benefit of humanity at large.

This roundtable is set to be a crucible for meaningful dialogue and collaboration. Together, participants will endeavor to draft actionable strategies, regulatory blueprints, and governance models that prioritize both innovation and the overarching safety and rights of users in the AI-augmented world.

  • Fostering international collaboration
  • Enabling inclusive policymaking
  • Balancing innovation with regulatory standards and frameworks
  • Global policymakers and regulators
  • Representatives from major tech companies
  • International business executives
  • Lawyers specializing in digital rights and technology law
  • Global Citizens, Community leaders, and civic organizations
  • Academics researching tech policy and governance
  • Tech startups in the Metaverse and AI space
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Overview and Introduction

Elizabeth Rothman
XRSI - X Reality Safety Intelligence
Burcu Kilic
Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) | XRSI
11:00 am PST
7:00 pm GMT
11:12 am PST
7:12 pm GMT
Welcome remarks by the Opening Speaker

Louis Rosenberg
XRSI | Unanimous AI | Responsible Metaverse Alliance
11:12 am PST
7:12 pm GMT
11:19 am PST
7:19 pm GMT
Key Contributor Statements/Interventions (5 minutes each)

Elsa Papadopoulou
European Research Executive Agency
Pam Dixon
World Privacy Forum
Marcelle Elzerman
Standards Australia
11:19 am PST
7:19 pm GMT
11:57 am PST
7:57 pm GMT
~ 5 Minutes Break11:57 am to 12:02 pm PST | 7:57 to 8:02 pm GMT

Thematic Discussion and SWARM Intelligence Gathering on Governance Reimagined: Building Adaptive Regulatory Standards and Frameworks for the Metaverse

This session is an opportunity to draw upon the esteemed expertise of our participants, who are at the forefront of shaping adaptable, forward-thinking policies for the ever-changing landscape of technology. The session is designed to unite global stakeholders in a commitment to an ongoing policy evolution, reflecting the shared goal of fostering a safe, innovative, and inclusive Metaverse.

Kavya Pearlman
X Reality Safety Intelligence (XRSI)
David Baltaxe
Unanimous AI
Theodore Leavell
International Trade Administration, Department of Commerce (U.S.A.)
12:02 pm PST
8:02 pm GMT
1:02 pm PST
9:02 pm GMT
~ 20 Minutes Break 1:02 to 1:22 pm PST | 9:02 to 9:22 pm GMT

Thematic Discussion and SWARM Intelligence Gathering on Navigating Market Dynamics and Transparency in the Metaverse and AI Economy: The Trade Secrets Dilemma

This session will focus on harmonizing the global economic landscape with the evolving metaverse and AI developments, paying particular attention to the challenge of balancing trade secret protection with the need for transparency in AI system design, testing, and deployment. The discussions will examine how market forces and transparency can be aligned in virtual economies and AI-driven markets, while still safeguarding intellectual property rights.

Burcu Kilic
Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) | XRSI
David Baltaxe
Unanimous AI
Franklin Graves
HCA Healthcare
1:22 pm PST
10:22 pm GMT
2:17 pm PST
10:17 pm GMT
Concluding Remarks & Adjourn

Elizabeth Rothman
XRSI - X Reality Safety Intelligence
Burcu Kilic
Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) | XRSI

2:17 pm PST
10:17 pm GMT
2:27 pm PST
10:27 pm GMT
Elizabeth Rothman
XRSI - X Reality Safety Intelligence
Burcu Kilic
Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) | XRSI
Kavya Pearlman
X Reality Safety Intelligence (XRSI)
Brandon Greyson Kim
X Reality Safety Intelligence (XRSI)
Diane M Janosek
US National Security Agency (NSA) | XRSI
Andrea Bonime-Blanc
GEC Risk Advisory | XRSI
Vibhav Mithal
Anand and Anand | MKAI | XRSI
Jaisal Surana
Santander | MKAI
Mark Calaguas
Tayo | XRSI
Luis Bravo Martins
Hamza Hameed
Access Partnership
Kristina Podnar
XRSI | NativeTrust Consulting, LLC
Mussollini Salem Mugumbate
Children of the Digital Age Zimbabwe
Jennifer Hotai
Plover Animation
Kim Wales
CrowdBureau Corporation
Sahaj Vaidya
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Hollie Hamblett
Consumers International
Zahed Amanullah
Institute for Strategic Dialogue
Joseph Jerome
University of Tampa
Briar Prestidge
Prestidge Group
Gavin McWilliams
Queen's University Belfast
Monika Manolova
XRSI Europe
Juan Londoño
Information Technology and Innovation Foundation
Jaime Schwarz
XRSI & Brand Therapy LLC
Donal Phillips
Queen's University Belfast
Jennifer Garard
Sustainability in the Digital Age / Future Earth Canada
Mathew Kerbis
Law In The Metaverse
Helen Lauder
Queensland University of Technology
Quinn Banks
XR Safety Intelligence (XRSI)
Lavina Ramkissoon
African Union

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