Oz Sultan

Oz Sultan

Board member

Oz Sultan has spent 21 years working in financial and security technology including CTO roles -and a decade in technology marketing including Director roles. He is the CSO of SIG, an insights and analytics ecosystem that bridges traditional financial markets and crypto assets, as well an XRSI board member.

Oz has designed multi-million dollar and startup tech systems; built and operationalized projects from financial services (JPMorgan, Moody’s) platforms to datacenters (FYE); developed social media products for the Economist Intelligence Unit; and architected and overseen multi-million-dollar blockchain, big data and cryptocurrency projects.

He regularly consults on blockchain, Big Data and select political projects – and advises a number of funds on blockchain and technology projects.

Additionally, Oz is a board member of the Homeland Security Foundation of America; adjunct faculty at CUNY focused on Marketing Technology and Blockchain; Principal Investigator for the Council Exchange Board of Trade working with Opportunity Zones + advising on the OpZone blockchain strategy; Advisor to Joanne King Herring’s Project to solve the migrant problem at our Borders; Co-Founder of the OurHouse interfaith project in NYC; Researcher on counterterrorism and preventing online radicalization, with several Army Journal publications. His latest work focuses on blockchain risk scenarios and using the blockchain to secure business and government interests.

Oz is a regular Blockchain, Middle East Policy, Blockchain, Finance and Security commentator on Fox Business and a number of international outlets

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