Burcu Kilic

Burcu Kilic

Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) | XRSI

Burcu Kilic, XRSI’s Senior Tech Policy & Strategic Partnership Advisor, is a global influencer, experienced thought leader, advocate, and strategist with over a decade of experience working in social justice movements, building and leading international campaigns.

She has built and managed global coalitions and campaigns, provided technical advice and assistance in numerous countries. She was listed among the “300 Women Leaders in Global Health” in 2015 in recognition of her work on health and trade policy.

Her understanding of policy and process helped shape the thinking and strategies of policymakers, scholars, and activists.

Her work throughout her illustrious career has received high praise and recognition by scholars and from respected institutions. It has been mentioned or referred to in leading newspapers, technology blogs, alongside prestigious publications in the United States and abroad.

Her multicultural background provides her with a unique perspective and has helped her build a network of diverse and strong relationships with advocates, policymakers, and community leaders across the world.

She is a confident and persuasive communicator and presenter; she speaks with a passionate voice that has made her an internationally renowned speaker on technology, trade and health. She roots her advocacy and legal expertise in a profound desire to improve the welfare of humanity by promoting social justice and defending human rights.

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