Louis Rosenberg

Louis Rosenberg

AR Pioneer
CEO Unanimous AI

Louis Rosenberg, Ph.D. is an early pioneer in virtual and augmented reality fields. He earned his Ph.D. from Stanford University, has been awarded over 300 patents for VR, AR, and AI technologies, and founded several successful XR companies, including Immersion Corporation, Microscribe 3D, Outland Research, and Unanimous AI.

Rosenberg began his work in XR over thirty years ago at NASA and Air Force Research Laboratory. He developed the first functional augmented reality system, the Virtual Fixtures platform, which enabled users to interact with a mixed reality of real and virtual objects for the first time. Rosenberg founded the early VR company Immersion Corporation in 1993, bringing the company public in 1999 (NASDAQ: IMMR). Rosenberg also founded the early AR company Outland Research in 2004, a developer of geospatial media technologies acquired by Google in 2011.

Rosenberg spent several years teaching engineering, design, ed-tech, and entrepreneurship as a professor at California State University (Cal Poly). He is currently the Founder and CEO of Unanimous AI, an artificial intelligence company that works to keep humans in the loop, amplifying human wisdom rather than replacing it. Rosenberg often writes about the dangers of technology for VentureBeat, Big Think, and other publications. He is a longtime vegan and lives in a large animal sanctuary in sunny California.

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