Louis Rosenberg

Louis Rosenberg (he/him)

XRSI Advisor | AR Pioneer
XRSI | Unanimous AI | Responsible Metaverse Alliance

Dr. Louis Rosenberg is an early pioneer of virtual and augmented reality. He earned his Ph.D. from Stanford University, has been awarded over 300 patents for VR, AR, and AI technologies, and founded several successful XR companies, including Immersion Corporation, Microscribe 3D, Outland Research, and Unanimous AI.

Rosenberg began his work on the metaverse over thirty years ago at NASA and Air Force Research Laboratory where he developed the first functional augmented reality system to enable users to interact simultaneously with real and virtual worlds. In 1993, Rosenberg founded the early VR company Immersion Corporation which is currently a public company on NASDAQ. Rosenberg also founded the early AR company Outland Research in 2004, a developer of geospatial media technologies acquired by Google in 2011.

Dr. Rosenberg was a professor at California State University. He is currently the CEO of Unanimous AI, the Chief Scientist of the Responsible Metaverse Alliance, and the Global Technology Advisor to XRSI.

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