Dona J. Fraser

Dona J. Fraser

BBB National Programs

At BBB National Programs, I work directly with companies, regulators, and industry leaders to educate, inform, and deliver the programs and services that they need to operate within and navigate a rapidly evolving digital marketplace. From the practical hurdles of developing and implementing responsible (child-directed) advertising, to an ever evolving online, digital, and cross-border privacy labyrinth of regulations, we help ensure that companies, no matter their industry or size, can both comply and innovate in the U.S. and abroad. We do this by helping them develop sound advertising and information collection practices that foster consumer confidence in an online or mobile environment and meet the needs of regulators and relevant laws. My areas of personal expertise include social networking, downloadable games, behavioral advertising, and short form privacy policies.

Before my work with BBB National Programs, I was the Vice President, Privacy Certified for the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB), the non-profit, self-regulatory body that independently assigns ratings, enforces advertising guidelines and helps ensure responsible online privacy practices for the interactive entertainment software industry.

Beyond this, I am always open to discussing the music and entertainment industry, my first home. That part of my resume includes serving as the Director of Business & Legal Affairs for the likes of Zomba Records, BMG North America, Arista Records, and RCA Music Group among others.

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