Catherine Knibbs

Catherine Knibbs (She/Her)

Online Harms Consultant and Psychotherapist
Catherine Knibbs

Cath is a Clinical Doctoral Researcher, Online Harms Consultant, Public Speaker, Author, and Child/Adult Trauma Psychotherapist. She writes about and works with cyber trauma, which is any trauma that occurs through an internet-ready device and writes about why we do what we do in the digital spaces. This is much more than Online harm policies cover to date. She is a co-director for the Journal ‘Cybersecurity in Digital Mental Health’ under Frontiers. She is the Digital Lead for the West Yorkshire Adversity, Trauma, and Resilience framework, creating a trauma-informed county for all areas of life and work.

Cath Knibbs is a tech geek, gamer (of sorts) therapist, and Cybertrauma/trauma psychotherapist using biofeedback technology and gaming to elicit Post Traumatic Growth, healing, and flow. Her recently published book is available now. The book focuses on the ‘why’ we do what we do in cyberspace and how to help children, young people, and adults. She has a further three books with Routledge due out soon for practitioners.

She is a disruptor and advocate for children’s rights, privacy, and digital explorations online. She also educates therapists via her company Privacy4 about Data protection, privacy, and cybersecurity issues concerning their practice. She is also the mental health advisor and trustee for Gamersbeatcancer Charity and a director for Online Safety UK, alongside specialist consultancy & expertise for GetSafeOnline and Internet Matters and Trust and Safety for the International Cybersecurity Forum. She is a panelist at the Vulnerable users working group for UK Safety Internet Centre. She is also a TEDx Speaker this year on the importance of relationships surrounded by technology.

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