Walter Greenleaf

Walter Greenleaf

Stanford University

Walter Greenleaf is a research scientist, trained in Neuro and Behavioral Science, and a medical product developer, with a specific focus on virtual reality and digital health technology. He’s been active in developing Clinical Virtual Reality Systems for more than 30 years.

He recently served as the Director of the Mind Division, Stanford Center on Longevity, and he’s currently a Distinguished Visiting Scholar at Stanford University’s MediaX Program and a Visiting Scholar at Stanford’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab. In addition to his work at Stanford, he is SVP of Strategic & Corp. Affairs to MindMaze and Chief Science Advisor to Pear Therapeutics. He is a VR technology and neuroscience advisor to several early-stage medical product companies.

His doctoral research in Neuro & Behavioral Science at Stanford focused on the interaction between hormones and human behavior. While working on his dissertation, he founded the first of several successful medical product companies. He has since maintained this dual role in academics and business – lecturing, conducting research and publishing while concurrently developing and bringing medical products to market.

As a pioneer who has remained active in the development of medical applications of Virtual Reality Technology, he also frequently contributes to the field as a keynote speaker, as an editor for a leading journal, and as a conference organizer.

In behavioral medicine, he has developed and helped bring to market systems for the treatment of PTSD, anxiety disorders, autism spectrum disorders, and addictions. 

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