String Nguyen

String Nguyen (She / Her)

Managing Director

String Nguyen, 4x LinkedIn’s Top Voice and CEO of Chubbiverse. For String, she believes NFT is an “access token” to a Web3 brand. With over ten years of marketing and community growth, String leverages her creativity to explore the intersection of innovation and community. 

The Chubbiverse was born in September 2021, and it went viral. So far, they have gained 47 million Giphy views in 4 weeks and an average of 1.5 Million monthly impressions on Twitter. 

On a personal note, String grew her presence online as she believed in the power of one’s voice, from growing her LinkedIn account to 70k followers (including her LinkedIn newsletter), to building startups and product strategies. She almost won Forbes 30 Under 30 for looking under 30. In her spare time, she hunts for the best-fried chicken spots.

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