Shea Richburg

Shea Richburg

Future Wise Group

An internationally recognized author, speaker, coach, and futurist, Shea Richburg has partnered with large corporations to strategically facilitate training, workshops, and consulting. This career maverick has transformed lives by providing clients with the tools and ideology they need to achieve unlimited success for the future.

Shea is the President & Co-founder of NJ Family Con, the tri-state area’s largest family convention, an annual one-of-a-kind experience that creates Happiness, Health, and Prosperity for those who attend.

Raulvin Coke & Shea Richburg are the co-founders of Future Wise Group, a future-focused business consulting firm working with startups, mid-size companies, schools, and government agencies to build durable mindsets and skillsets into their organizational DNA to better prepare them for changes in the future. Future Wise specializes in data, theory, and implementation for individuals to have a future-driven mindset and progression.

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