The Future of Child Safety in XR & the need for Metaverse IQ Workshop

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December 7
3:45 pm PST
1 hour
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Join Shea Richburg and Raulvin Coke Co-founders of Future Wise Group for a workshop on The Future of Child Mental Health in the Metaverse. During the session, the founders will discuss the importance of maintaining positive mental health by establishing what they have coined as Metaverse IQ or MIQ. The mini presentation will be followed by a breakout session where the attendees will have the opportunity to contribute ideas to establish the pillars of the Metaverse IQ. Followed by debriefing on the breakout session and a conversation about the next steps to the codification of the MIQ.

At the conclusion of the workshop, attendees will have a clear understanding of possible mental factors attributed to being in the Metaverse, how to apply the MIQ to a child’s daily interaction within the Metaverse, and the positive results when applying the MIQ.

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