Marco Magnano

Marco Magnano

Co-founder and Director of Communications
XR Safety Initiative

Marco Magnano is a multimedia journalist based in Europe, co-founder and creator of ReadyHackerOne.

Marco’s journey started more than 20 years ago when he confronted the challenges of the digital evolution as a media activist focused on security and privacy and pitched into the rise of web 2.0, walking on the wire between enthusiasm and criticism. The mistakes and distortions of that epoch guide him to carry those lessons into the world of emerging technologies.

XRSI’s Executive Director of Communications, in recent years Marco has traveled across continents to uncover stories of various dimensions and domains, from the Syrian war crisis, challenges of migrations in Asia, Africa, and Europe to advocating for freedom of information and the protection of most vulnerable people. During his journey, he has met humans from all walks of life and has collected every drop of knowledge on the road, becoming day by day more open to discovery.

He is now continuing his mission into the uncharted territories of XR technologies.

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