From topic to medium – XR for journalism

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December 6
11:00 am PST
30 minutes
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There is a long way to go before using Virtual and Augmented reality as media. Today, XR is widely considered a topic for news more than a platform, and this will require a paradigm shift.

Nevertheless, there are immediate potential uses for XR in journalism.

Think about data: for many decades, we’ve been dealing with almost linear growth of data available for news reporting. Then, with the Internet mass adoption, the amount of data started to grow exponentially, and today it’s basically unlimited for quantity and quality. So, why are we still using pie graphs?

Adam Marton, Director of the Capital News Service Data and Graphics Bureau and Lecturer within the Philip Merrill College of Journalism (University of Maryland) will chat with Marco Magnano, co-founder of XRSI and foreign policy journalist, about what we have today and where we could go in the field of immersive news reporting.

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