Joe Morgan

Joe Morgan

Waya Health | XRSI

With over 10 years of experience in medicine, anesthesiology, and clinical innovation, I am a passionate and visionary leader in the healthcare sector. I have co-founded and led Waya Health, a company that creates new modalities of care to improve the lives of patients through extended reality (XR). I am also a physician partner at Providence Anesthesiology Associates. I hold an MD degree from SUNY Upstate Medical University, a residency in anesthesiology from Cleveland Clinic, a board certification from the American Board of Anesthesiologists, and a certification from the American Board of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine. I am also an inventor of multiple patents, and a published author of multiple scientific papers and other published works.

As the president and founder of Waya Health, I oversee the strategic direction, product development, and business operations of the company. I work with a talented team of clinicians, engineers, and professionals to create innovative solutions that leverage XR to deliver more individualized, more accessible, and more effective systems within health care.

Key Intervention @ Medical XR and Immersive Healthcare

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