Akshat Kalra

Akshat Kalra

Santa Clara University

I’m a Computer Science graduate student holding a minor degree in Mathematics with background in Accountancy, Business Studies and Economics through 2 years of High School curriculum and otherwise, a fan of the Victorian literature.

In the recent past, through internships and projects enlisted underneath, I’ve gained a wee bit of exposure in writing automation scripts for Data Transformation, Data Analytics and applying Software Engineering techniques to design a robust model and a working console for the realm of Financial Management. Through leadership positions at college level, I hope it’s safe to say that my soft skills corner is decently up to date with all the essential commits.

The reason why I’m into programming is because it serves as a virtual wardrobe to Narnia for me, asymptotically away from the grim realities of the world and more because if I’ve begun to work on a problem it becomes an obsessive compulsion to finish that, no matter how long it takes.

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