Avatars, virtual harassment, and XR safety challenges in Higher-Education

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December 8
11:00 am PST
1.5 hours
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Over the next few years, XR is bound to significantly impact higher education by changing how students learn, supporting new modes of distributed/hybrid learning experiences at scale, and developing empathy. This adaption will also result in the education community facing a new set of critical security, privacy, safety, and ethical challenges.

Our panel discussion will explore some of these challenges. Drawing from the experiences with XR adoption at our respective institutions and collaborating with industry partners, we will share insights and discuss recommendations regarding how to navigate some of the challenges embodying avatars in virtual spaces.

Maya Georgieva
Director, Education Futures and The XReality Center
The New School
Ricky LaFosse
Compliance and Policy Lead for Academic Innovation
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
Didier Contis
Director Technology Services College of Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology
Jeremy Nelson
Director of XR Initiative
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
Thomas Lewis
Developer Relations Advocacy Lead
April Speight
Spatial Computing Lead
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