Sonal (Sunny) Ahuja

Sonal (Sunny) Ahuja (Mr)


He is the CEO and Co-founder VRAcademi Limited a Virtual Reality platform aimed at imparting VR education to the youth and children. is the world’s 1st live online education platform that imparts the knowledge of developing Virtual Reality Metaverse to children. The platform engages the youth to master Creative Design, Digital Art, Filmmaking, 3D Game Development with Virtual Reality. VRAcademi is a world-class inclusive digital academy focused on expanding imagination of children globally through creative and VR education and using NFTs to empower their creativity.
Sonal is also Executive Director of Sunovatech Limited who are a creative AAA rated VR production house with their design studios in New Delhi. Sunovatech is a company specialising in Artificial Intelligence, Augmented and Virtual Reality applications of infrastructure. He is responsible for innovation and research and development within the company.

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