Ren Tyler

Ren Tyler

XR Access

Hi. I’m Ren, a UX-focused digital product designer, advisor, ethicist, and tester who specializes in accessibility, inclusion, ethics, privacy, and safety for XR, the Metaverse, and AI. Previously, I worked in independent film as an AD, producer, and editor, which are skills I’m now leveraging in generative AI filmmaking.

I’m also an IAAP Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies (CPACC).

My ethos is that even the most incredible products and experiences fall short if they can’t be enjoyed by all types of people. Design isn’t inclusive if it’s an afterthought, and I’m on a mission to eradicate that kind of retrofitting. Ethics, privacy, and safety are things I also consider from the get-go.

My approach is interdisciplinary and holistic, which enables me to work across a spectrum of teams, roles, products and events.

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