Max Kreisler Harberg

Max Kreisler Harberg (he/him/his)

Metaverse and Experience Strategist

Max is currently a Metaverse and Experience Strategist at PwC. He helps lead all metaverse-related proposition/product & campaign development, including essential coordination, planning & tracking client engagements, and broader strategizing and delivering client pitches and proposals. He is involved in all client engagements and internal training for the team.

He is incredibly passionate about the intersection between “traditional” advertising and web3, experiential activations, and immersive media, dedicating his entire career to understanding the convergence of digital and physical and what drives audience engagement:

– He earned a graduate degree in advertising, specializing in emerging technologies and copywriting

– He has led strategy for companies that produced social media, short-form digital content, and traditional advertising campaigns to XR, immersive, and metaverse-driven activations.

– He is a panelist/speaker at global conferences and internal L&D sessions about brand integration in the metaverse, web3, and virtual beings.

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