Matt White

Matt White (He/him/Wiin)

Berkeley Synthetic

Matt White is the CEO of Berkeley Synthetic, a research group focused on applications of AI in physics, natural phenomena, deep generative learning, autonomous agents, and simulations.

He is a member of the teaching faculty at UC Berkeley, where he teaches graduate students generative AI, computer vision, and deep learning at the School of Information.

Matt is the Chair and Co-founder of the Open Metaverse Foundation, founded in 2006 to create a community around open-source software development and open standards to build the Open Metaverse. He is also a Chair at the Metaverse Standards Forum, where he leads the Digital Asset Management working group focused on interoperability, portability, security, and ownership of 3D digital assets in the Metaverse.

Matt is passionate about architecting an Open Metaverse that is photorealistic, physically accurate, and realizes natural phenomena. He strives to build an open standard framework that leverages decentralized high-performance computing, applications of AI and blockchain in massive online multi-user simulated environments, and exploiting the power of neural methods and generative AI to help build the Metaverse.

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