Marisa Zalabak

Marisa Zalabak

Marisa is the founder of Open Channel Culture, TEDx & Keynote Speaker, Author, Educational Psychologist, Equity Advisor, AI Ethicist, and Climate Sustainability Leader.

Specialist across sectors in Adaptive Leadership, Transdisciplinary Collaboration, AI Ethics, Social-Emotional-Creative Intelligences, Conflict Resolution, Social Justice, Climate Repair & Sustainability, and Organizational Culture & Change

Marisa believes human “soft skills” are not soft at all—they are essential human skills we all need to move into the future with awareness and agility. We can all increase our social-emotional and creative intelligences for regenerative profitability— the triple bottom line–making profit by serving people and the planet and aligned with the SDGs (UN Sustainability Development Goals).

I partner with leaders and teams, supporting organizations and businesses by providing essential services to improve, and sustain positive organizational culture and responsible leadership; reconnecting purpose and values-to-action.

We can all adapt and flourish—even in the midst of uncertainty— with the right human skills. Improving psychological safety, collaboration, joy, innovation, productivity and well-being while meeting the needs of the emerging future.

As a co-chair of a committee dedicated to expanding AI Ethics education and as a contributing author of the recommendations for ethical standards in AI and Intelligent Systems design, I believe we have extraordinary possibilities working in partnership with intelligent technologies that will enable us all to contribute to a better future.

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