Marisa Monteiro Borsboom

Marisa Monteiro Borsboom

Humanity of Things

“My career has been the journey of a Humanist with an insatiable appetite for knowledge. I find my passion at the intersection of emerging technologies and Humanities, in particular Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing. What started as a legal career has evolved into a multidimensional entrepreneurial adventure, constantly pushing the boundaries of comfort into the realm of pioneers and innovators.

With 19 years as a lawyer, my foundation in the humanities, coupled with a fascination for science and tech, has cultivated a mindset embracing openness and diversity. My greatest asset lies in a curious, creative mind that seeks information for practical impact, fueling my deep love for education and perpetual learning, powered by a neurodivergent brain .

As an advocate for human-centric design and ethical innovation, I navigate the future’s landscape, focusing on governance, public affairs, and regulatory frameworks. Perseverant and solution-oriented, I thrive on strategic, quantum, and meta thinking, always ready to acquire the skills needed for any task.

Believing in the power of diverse, equality-driven teams, I align with SDG 17 and champion moral courage and bravery as core values. Let’s connect, collaborate, and claim our agency in shaping a better future. Reach out, and let’s harness our collective potential for a common good.

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