Joshua A Sipper

Joshua A Sipper (he/him)

Professor of Cyberwarfare Studies
Air University (US Air Force)

Dr. Joshua A. Sipper is currently a Professor of Cyberwarfare Studies at the Air Command and Staff College.

He completed his Doctoral work at Trident University in September of 2012, earning a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership (emphasis, E-Learning Leadership). Dr. Sipper’s previous degrees were obtained from Troy University (M.Ed. Education) and Faulkner University (B.S. English).

Dr. Sipper is a veteran who served honorably in the U.S. Air Force in the intelligence career field and worked for Lockheed Martin in a similar capacity on the U2 program. More recently, Dr. Sipper shifted his focus into the cyber realm for seven years as a Systems Engineer, Chief of Cyber Standardization and Evaluation, and Cyber Exercise Manager for General Dynamics at the Air Force’s 26th Network Operations Squadron, followed by a nine-year stint as a civil servant in the Air Force cyber career field at the Curtis E. LeMay Center for Doctrine Development and Education.

Just before his appointment at ACSC, Dr. Sipper was a Professor of Cyberwarfare Studies at the Air Force Cyber College, where he designed several cyber courses, including Cyber ISR, Cyber EW, and Cyber and Information Warfare Capabilities and Trends. He has numerous publications, including his paper titled “The Cyber Microbiome and the Cyber Meta-reality,” published at the IARIA Cyber 2020 conference, for which he won a “Best Paper Award,” and also has a book titled “The Cyber Meta-reality: Beyond the Metaverse, published by Rowman and Littlefield in 2022. Dr. Sipper’s research interests include cyber operations, ISR, electromagnetic warfare, and cyber warfare.

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