Divya Chander

Divya Chander

Founder, CEO, Lucidify; Medical Advisor, XRSI; Chair Neuroscience Singularity University; Senior Nonresident Fellow, Atlantic Council GeoTech Center

Divya Chander is an anesthesiologist and neuroscientist who also works at the intersection of health, data, technology, and data security. She is a practicing physician, Chair of Neuroscience and Faculty of Medicine at Singularity University, former faculty in the Stanford Department of Anesthesiology, and Senior Nonresident Fellow at the Atlantic Council GeoTech Center.

An advocate for data and biometric rights, she serves as medical advisor to the Extended Reality Safety Initiative (XRSI.org), and is helping develop standards for identity and sensitive healthcare data security. Dr. Chander also founded and serves as Chief Executive for Lucidify, a continuous, intelligent brain monitoring platform for the detection of delirium. She also works with colleagues to build a data security fabric for secure communications and transactions, supporting the integration of IoT devices to help build the world’s connected global immune system.

She was named one of 2020’s top digital health innovators by Intelligent Health AI. Dr. Chander also served on a NASA task force for COVID19 and directed the post-pandemic global health initiative for OneShared.World. Her research involves mapping consciousness and writing algorithms for the automated tracking of altered states, elaborating theories of consciousness (which she presented on the TED-NYC and UN stages), predicting the effect of human augmentation on consciousness, and how mapping consciousness in humans may enable us to recognize it in non-human, intelligent beings (both on and off-planet, through initiatives like SETI, where she joins the newly formed Complexity Group).

Dr. Chander also contributes to space life sciences and medicine. A finalist for astronaut selection and an alumnus of the International Space University, Dr. Chander has performed remote simulations of trauma rescues, anesthesia, and surgery in Mars analog settings.

Her desire to alter her own Consciousness is to someday see the Earth rise from the surface of the moon.

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