Safeguarding children in the virtual platforms and the Metaverse

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December 13
4:25 pm PST
1 hour
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Safeguarding the users of the digital and virtual worlds is of utmost importance in today’s world as the world becomes smaller and more people spend more and more time with unreal worlds that we create with today’s technology. Whether the parents, educators or community at large likes it or not, the teens and youth of today spend far more time socially interacting within a digital/immersive environment than ever before. The generation gap in technology is widening every 2-3 years now with new developments in XR and Web 3.0 and development of extended and immersive virtual technologies. While the governance or even creation of these digital platforms is in infancy, the platforms also pose a risk to vulnerable and young users who need safeguarding principles and protection in place. The purpose of any child safeguarding policy and associated procedures must be to provide clarity to ALL users on how they should engage

with children, young people and vulnerable adults when working for, on behalf of, or in partnership with other users. It must also help in making sure that employees, volunteers and other representatives are protected.

This panel will feature an entrepreneur who runs VR Academy for Children, and a risk management expert. The panel is moderated by one of the XRSI advisors and privacy experts, diving into the issue from a multidisciplinary perspective.

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