RoundTable – Understanding the impact of XR Data Collection on Human Rights, Work, Education and Commerce

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December 10
9:00 am PST
3 hours
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Hosted and directed by XRSI

On December 10, we mark 73rd International Human Rights Day and celebrate the fifth and final day of XR Safety Week.

On that day, we will join a wide and global community of stakeholders to take an essential step toward safety to build brave new virtual worlds by hosting a closed-group roundtable discussion around “XR Data Classification”.

The roundtable discussion will take place on Dec 10th from 9:00 am PST to 12:00 pm PST with the following objectives:

  • Share the impact of massive data collection via XR and related Emerging Technologies. 
  • Discuss and establish a common understanding around the various contexts in which data can help or hurt humans and potentially undermine Human Rights.
  • Focus on four contexts as a starting point: Education, Work, Healthcare, and the intersection of XR with various emerging technologies (e.g., Artificial Intelligence, Brain-Computer Interfaces, etc.)

Represented Organizations include:

US Department of Veterans Affairs, Meta Inc., HP Inc., Microsoft, EFF, Access Now, Government of Australia eSafety Commissioner, IEEE, Mozilla, AARP, NHSX, National Institutes of Health, Health Education England, European Research Executive Agency established by the European Commission, Bipartisan Policy Center, Stanford University, Arizona State University, Trinity College Dublin, Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), University of Canterbury, Dartmouth College, Goethe University Frankfurt, University of Leeds, University of Michigan, University of California, Irvine, University of Florida, University of New Haven, University of Washington, UC San Diego / Design Lab, Slingshot Simulations Ltd., Glocal Studios, The Molybdenum, Cognitive3D, Purpose Loves Company, Bowmara,, Valo Health, Inc., Noboxes/SSH, RealityScience, LLC, Between Five And Nine LLC, BehaVR LLC, Realities Centre, MedVR Bootcamp and Incubator, Debbie Reynolds Consulting LLC, OviSquare, PNI Therapeutics, XRSI / NativeTrust Consulting, LLC / The Cantellus Group, Berkman Klein Center // Women in Games Argentina, Chaos Computer Club, Identity Woman & HumanFirst.Tech, Brookings, MKAI – The inclusive AI Community, Luxsonic Technologies Inc., Games4Change

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