Metaverse Safety Week Youth Panel

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December 13
2:55 pm PST
45 minutes
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Since Metaverse might change the lives of the next generation, the perspectives of young people must be included in serious discussions about the future, such as Metaverse Safety Week.

As the American children’s national arts organization and the world’s children’s global arts organization, the International Child Art Foundation (ICAF) organizes international youth panels on critical issues at major conferences worldwide.

ICAF’s International Youth Panel for the Metaverse Safety week includes three ICAF Youth Board Members.

  • Evie Felten is a recipient of the Grand Honors Award in Mathematics from Johns Hopkins University CTY. She is in middle school in North Carolina
  • Margot Madison is a high school senior in Massachusetts
  • Praveer Sharan is a freshman at Purdue University’s Computer Science Department.

The panel includes two independent experts:

  • Laalitya Acharya is studying biomedical engineering and political science as a sophomore at Columbia University.
  • Jonathan Kennedy Sowah uses robotics and VR to teach STEM disciplines to schoolchildren in Ghana.

Moderator: Dr. Ashfaq Ishaq, ICAF founder and chairman

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