Mapping the Metaverse: Or, how to understand the human experience of the Metaverse from the outside-in

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December 12
2:20 pm PST
1 hour
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The Metaverse is a complexly emergent technical/social assemblage in the earliest stages of growth and adoption. Its evolution depends upon the mindsets and behaviors, hopes and fears of people all over the world.

As such, this panel seeks to answer a simple question: 

How should we study the Metaverse? How can we listen to the voices of those who will shape the Metaverse’s future? 

Together we’ll: 

  • Discover how to understand the current reality and future potential of the Metaverse 
  • Create a blueprint to research the Metaverse’s impact on the worlds of corporate and organizational culture, learning, gaming, and more
  • Develop new–ethical, responsible, and innovative!—research methodologies adequate to the complexity and virtual nature of the Metaverse

Session Video

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