Building a community in web2 for web3: Protecting the consumer and community, scams in the digital economy

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December 12
10:40 am PST
1 hour
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“Building community” are the buzzwords of web3 and these communities are largely being built on web2 social media platforms. This panel will discuss effective community building strategies that focus on safety and security of members and how hard lessons learned in the past can inform future decisions.

Session Video

Eugene Capon (1903)
XRSI Advisor | Global XR Education Advisor
XRSI | Studio Capon, LLC
Melty Tantiwanich (2013)
Co-founder & Creative Director, Metaverse Council Member
XP Foundry, Global Esports Federation
Ohm Shah (2159)
Co-Founder & Co-CEO
Wallet Guard
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