Accelerating the adoption of XR to support health care education in England within NHS

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December 9
10:00 am PST
30 minutes
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The use of Extended Reality (XR) technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) have become an invaluable part of the delivery of education and training in healthcare during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Clinical experiences and clinical placements are an essential part of medical and clinical training in the United Kingdom. Many of these physical experiences had to be stopped when the pandemic arrived, causing significant disruption to health and care trainees.

From virtual ward rounds and virtual surgery using Microsoft HoloLens, Team-based scenarios in VR, and holographic anatomy training, XR technologies became an important part of the training process for the health and care workforce, to continue to deliver these clinical experiences.

In this presentation, Dr. Neil Ralph, Head of the HEE Technology Enhanced Learning at Health Education England will discuss how the team is supporting the training recovery at scale, through innovative policy, the rollout of “XR Hubs”, IT infrastructure, and faculty development.

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