December 11, 2023

DECEMBER 11 | 11:00 am to 14:30 pm PST / 19:00 to 22:30 pm GMT

Medical XR and Immersive Healthcare

Immersive Healthcare & AI: Finding the balance between innovation, and shared responsibility

In an era where technological marvels are no longer confined to science fiction, the amalgamation of AI with immersive technologies is sculpting a new frontier in healthcare. The brilliance of AI-powered diagnostics set within virtual realms, coupled with bespoke VR therapeutic regimens, signals a healthcare revolution. Yet, as we stand on the cusp of these advancements, the echoing call for shared responsibility resonates more than ever.

Immersive healthcare, propelled by AI, holds boundless promise. But this very promise mandates a careful equilibrium between groundbreaking innovation and the sacred principles of patient safety, data confidentiality, and overarching ethical paradigms. 

This roundtable aims to be a beacon for introspection and collaborative action. By convening healthcare experts, AI trailblazers, and policy thinkers, we set the stage for profound discussions. Together, participants will explore the multifaceted dimensions of AI’s role in immersive healthcare, charting a course that embraces the promise of technology while ensuring unwavering commitment to patient well-being and ethical standards.

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