December 10, 2023

DECEMBER 10 | 13:00 to 16:30 pm PST / 21:00 pm to 00:30 am GMT

Human Rights

International Human Rights Day

Human Rights in the AI-powered immersive worlds

As we honor the 75th Human Rights Day, we delve deep into the intertwining of AI-powered immersive worlds and their profound implications on human rights. In an era marked by rapid technological convergence, the metaverse and AI jointly revolutionize industries, necessitating a fresh perspective on established human rights doctrines. Bringing together global thought leaders, our focus sharpens on the emerging concepts of neurorights and the transformative potential of Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI).

In a dominantly AI-orchestrated metaverse, the pivotal task is to fortify and safeguard human rights. We engage in robust discussions surrounding the multifaceted challenges posed to privacy, autonomy, and the looming risks of algorithmic biases. Drawing insights from the groundbreaking XRSI Neurorights report, we accentuate the urgency for erecting standardized guardrails. 

This roundtable serves as a catalyst for profound deliberation and collective action. Together, participants will strive to outline actionable strategies, forge regulatory paradigms, and envisage governance structures that balance the scales of innovation with the unwavering ethos of human rights and dignity in the AI-driven metaverse.

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