December 13, 2022


Child Safety and Children’s Rights

Protecting children and their rights in the Metaverse

As the holiday season approaches, kids will be receiving gadgets, wearables, VR headsets, and smart toys.

Immersive worlds are rapidly developing, and with them, the Metaverse will likely give rise to new, unforeseen risks and psychological harms.

In an unprecedented effort to put future metaverse development on a safe path, XRSI has brought together youth policy advocates, legislators, technology professionals, civic organizations, parents, educators, and guardians to discuss the risks of immersive technologies.

The Metaverse brings benefits to kids and families in the form of innovative education, therapy, and play. Several companies, lawmakers, and parents will discuss how to harness these positive applications while creating mechanisms such as new laws and frameworks to limit the negative consequences for young users.


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