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Welcome! We are so excited you’re considering proposing a session for the Metaverse Safety Week 2022!
Below you’ll find all the info you need to propose a session.

About the Metaverse Safety Week

At the Metaverse Safety Week we celebrate the opportunities to create a better and safer Metaverse for all, spreading awareness and promoting policies, guidelines, and research. We explore core issues such as bias, transparency, and data ownership through art, panels, debates, and workshops, bringing global perspectives to advance our shared ecosystem.

Our 2022 virtual event will open on 10 December for 5 days of online sessions in a unique virtual venue. The Metaverse Safety Week 2022 will feature a global agenda designed for you to pick and choose when you can participate in sessions, and social moments, enjoy live interviews or watch on-demand talks and discussions at your own pace.

The Metaverse Safety Week is created and promoted by the XR Safety Initiative, the first global nonprofit with the mission of helping build safe and inclusive immersive realities, but everyone in the global XR community can play a big part. At the Metaverse Safety Week, we ask everyone who’s interested in building a better and safer Metaverse to connect, collaborate, and share their knowledge or passion by submitting and hosting their own events. These initiatives will be promoted through the Metaverse Safety Week channels and contribute to a community-driven global movement for responsible innovation, better regulations, and a deeper knowledge of the worlds we are immersing in.

Events and FAQ

We welcome sessions on a wide range of topics relevant to XR and Metaverse, but all sessions must be participatory, accessible, diverse, and inclusive. You are welcome to submit more than one session proposal.

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